Let's change the world

We believe Asia’s leading mobile entertainment products, technology and business models should be shared globally. AIG is redefining social entertainment by combining deep experience in mobile tech at Tencent, Google and Zynga with world-class innovation. 

Our Vision

With 100 million active users spanning across Uplive (live streaming), Super Fans, GIFTO and Pengpeng, AIG is redefining social entertainment in new and creative ways. Powered by live streaming, we are helping build communities and cultures online. 

Our Culture

AIG embodies a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity. Each product and team member is expected to act as an entrepreneur in their role, building unique products that improve social interaction online. By doing things that have never been done before, employees are free to experiment and build products that redefine economics and online engagement. 

We take pride in our ability to build some of the most advanced and innovative products for everyone around the world.
— Andy Tian