Possibly the purest and most soulful voice in history, 22 year old singer shocks the world!


She is Ancha from Indonesia, a 22 year old host we’re recommending today. Before telling her story and listening to her touching singing, let’s enjoy the ocean she grew up with.


Ancha was born and raised in Batam Island, the second largest tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali, known as the “Small Bali”. Born on an island, Ancha learned how to get along with the sea since a child. Swimming was within the natural instincts of children on this island, at the age of eight, they usually follow their elders to go fishing.

Residents here worship the gods of the sea. They believe that through hard work, the sea gods will provide them endless fishes and food.


This is probably the few mysterious and pure islands left lasting on Earth. The host we are recommending today is Ancha, from Batam island Indonesia.

Ancha, who loves to sing since young, is always hardworking and eager to learn, she’s quite fluent in English too. After graduation, she didn’t choose to work in the cities, instead she stayed at home to help her parents to supplement their homes and sell local seafood.

She was discovered by Uplive due to her charming singing, she now streams 2 hours daily starting 10am to 11am. When she first joined Uplive for 2 months, she wasn’t acknowledged by many yet. However, Ancha didn’t give up, she carefully analyzed her own advantages and evaluated her fans’ needs. She slowly accumulated several regular fans, and gradually became a big host of Uplive.

In the following, let’s listen to Ancha’s pure and graceful singing. Her voice soothes the soul and would definitely brighten your day.

bai lin