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Uplive is the largest mobile live video platform in the world outside of China with 60Mn+ users and $200Mn+ revenue generated to date, and is AIG's flagship global brand. Launched in July 2016 and now operating in five key regions: Greater China, East and South East Asia, Pan India, Middle East and Africa, and the USA.

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SuperFans is the most popular app used by Chinese celebrities to interact with their fans. With SuperFans, fans can easily to follow news feed of stars and idols from a variety of platforms including Weibo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Over 40% Chinese stars are using SuperFans now with their fans.


Gifto is a blockchain-based social entertainment platform which empowers content creators to earn more and develop their fanbase with the Gifto token. To date, over one million Gifto token wallet holders globally can buy and share virtual gifts and unlock fun experiences across live-streaming, gaming and commerce apps including AIG's flagship app, Uplive, and the blockchain-based hit game, Giftomon.


Pengpeng dating is a next-gen moblie social game that allows people to make friends through video, voicenotes and gaming. Pengpeng offers a face-to-face real online zero-distance dating experience with features including 1-to-1 video, voice messages, mini games and other fun features, which make it easy to break the ice when finding friends or a new partner!

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PengPeng's game team is AIG's in-house game studio comprised of a diverse range of global talent from leading game companies such as Zynga, EA, Playfish, Kabam. AIG's mobile gaming team experience combined with global marketing resources has led to building popular games such as WeChat's PengPeng Pets, Phalanx Heroes, an H5 strategy game, and several mini-games within the livestreaming platform Uplive. Additionaly, Giftomon has the largest community of global blockchain gamers and feeds Gifto's social entertainment ecosystem.


KIWITV is a short video app for creators and viewers that uses big data and sophisticated algorithms to suggest novel and interesting content to users. Since it's launch in April 2018, it already has more than 10 million videos and UGC from users globally. It also leverages AIG's leading streamers, KOLs and internet celebrities to create professionally generated content (PGC).


OrcaLive is a global livestreaming platform for gamers. Skilled gamers and competitors from 100 regions and countries around the world use OrcaLive to stream and interact with other gamers. OrcaLive offers flexibility to gamers by providing them with OBS software to show multiscreen and allows gamers to earn uDiamonds or GTO while streaming too. Find games like PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2 on the app .