Uplive is the largest independent social video entertainment platform outside of China. Uplive launched in July 2016 in Beijing, China and rapidly expanded operations to Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Cairo, Los Angeles, and several other global hubs. With a strong developer and operations team, it was selected by Twitter as one of the most influential foreign brands, and 36KR named it as leader among Chinese tech platforms going abroad. It has accumulated over 100 million users, 30 million MAU, and over 100,000 signed streamers, with over 100,000 streamers steaming each month. Uplive users come from over 150 countries, and users from over 70.


Dating app is a next-gen moblie social game that allows people to make friends through video, voicenotes and gaming. Dating app offers a face-to-face real online zero-distance dating experience with features including 1-to-1 video, voice messages, mini games and other fun features, which make it easy to break the ice when finding friends or a new partner!

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Suprefans is China’s largest celebrity news and fan platform, aggregating content from across celebrity social media so fans can stay updated instantly in one place. Fans share and interact with each other, post new content, and get closer to their favorite stars through Suprefans and its rich content, including online and offline events, charity programs, and more.


Gifto is a blockchain-based virtual gifting platform, enabling anyone to create and share crypto and blockchain-based gifts to friends with just their social media handle or a link.

The Gifto Wallet in Uplive and Giftomon, our blockchain game, has facilitated millions of non-trading transactions, making Gifto one of the leading blockchain applications by real usage.

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The Pengpeng team is Asia Innovations Group's game studio, drawing talent and experience from Zynga, EA, Playfish, Kabam, Shanda, and other top gaming companies.

The game studio has been the engine behind our highly engaging and monetizing H5 games, including Pengpeng Pets, Phalanx Heroes, and Giftomon.

All together, the Uplive platform has integrated over 100 H5 games handcrafted by our Pengpeng gaming studio, and which have delighted over ten million players.