Michael Waitze, October 30, 2021

Andy is the CEO and a co-Founder of Asia Innovations Group, which was built to become the largest global social entertainment platform.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Being born in China and raised in Queens, New York
  • Growing up in Queens reinforced Andy’s multicultural views that still resonates with him today
  • How the excitement of being in a new place outweighs the difficulties of adjusting
  • Joining Google in 2005 as one of China’s earlier team members
  • Running Google’s mobile business in China and helping Andy Rubin bring Android to China
  • Starting one of the first social gaming companies in 2008 and then selling it to Zynga in 2010
  • Asia Innovations Group was built to bring the most innovative products to a global audience
  • Why Google really left China
  • The importance of company culture which is simply the default mode of operation
  • Being execution-oriented
  • Be CEO – Be Pirate – Be Hero
  • What is live social?
  • Are financial services an opportunity?