Andy Tian (Asia Innovations Group) on building social media products for emerging markets, global expansion and user protection across cultures.

Andy Tian (Asia Innovations Group) on building social media products for emerging markets, global ex   (Podcast link)

Patrick sat down with serial entrepreneur and social media innovator Andy Tian, co-founder of Asia Innovation Group to discuss all things social and how he grew Asia Innovations Group into one of the world'd leading social media platform builders following a unique customization approach. During the conversation we dive also into his vision for emerging markets, cross-pollination and the edge less mature ecosystems possess.

On this episode you will learn about:

  • Latest trends and innovations in social media for emerging markets and their differences to more mature markets
  • How to expand a business globally incorporating local cultural differences
  • The importance of culture in getting the most out of your team's potential

You can follow Andy on LinkedIn here.

More about Andy:

Andy is the CEO and co-founder of Asia Innovations Group (AIG), a leading mobile social entertainment group in Asia. AIG aims to bring Asia’s advanced mobile social products and business models to the global market, leveraging strong local regional offices to operate these products for the best local experience. AIG’s flagship product, Uplive, has become the highest revenue international live video app since launching in Jun 2016. Uplive is the leading live social app in emerging markets. Uplive leverages innovations in tech, product, and revenue model from Asia's multi-billion dollar live video market, and adapts them appropriately for each regional market.

Andy previously was GM of Zynga China, operating several top 10 mobile games in 15 languages globally. From 2005-2007, Andy led Google’s mobile business in China. Andy also co-founded three startups and sold two of them.