Recently, the Blue Rose Party initiated by Uplive Vietnam was held as scheduled, which is an annual sweet date between Uplive and its anchor fans. On the night of the event, nearly 100 Uplive anchors attended the party and witnessed the presentation of heavy awards with the audience, and the gorgeous appearance of the most popular hosts in Vietnam, which instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the fans.

​The inspiration for the Blue Rose Party came from the unique talents and charm of the Blue Roses means Uplive Excellent Hosts. That night, accompanied with a lovely performances of hosts like singing and dancing, "Uplive Three Beauties" were shining like a studded stars on the stage.

“Nấm Hari” won the most awaited award “BLUE QUEEN crown” .  Lương Linh and Victria Vy was at  second and third positions.

​Being the largest independent social video entertainment platform, Uplive Vietnam hosts an anniversary celebration every year, opening the way for new host to rise and enhance their commercial value. This is another innovative way to expand and market of uplive among new resources after Uplive Girls Group.

At the Blue Rose Party, together with the music, several hosts went on stage to express their emotions, their splendid stage performances coupled with a string of burning songs. Uplive hosts demonstrated their versatility and crowd cherished their performances and filled the atmosphere with the praise.  The hosts glorified the stage with their charm and took all to the much awaited moment that is the selection of Uplive's most stunning TOP3 host. Winners was awarded with the generous cash prizes.

In her speech, the winner, Nấm Hari, said that her success is due to the love of her fans. Being a  shy and timid girl, Hari is now more confident in the live broadcast. she said: "Uplive has not only helped me to make good friends, but also inspired me to reach my potential in life and made me realize the value of communication."

Nấm Hari

First Runner-up Lương Linh also praised the stunning interactive interface of Uplive, for her becoming a host has been a wonderful life experience. She added further, " I will continue to grow and make my live room a place to chat and socialize with more people in the future." Uplive provides us a platform to share happiness and solve our worries. I hope more young people will come to Uplive in the future.

​Lương Linh

Second runner-up, Victria Vy, said that Uplive has not only brought her happiness, but also witnessed her youth and growth. She said that she was wise to choose Uplive, and that in the future, she would broadcast more often, increase communication and interaction with her fans, and then share her own interesting and exciting events with the broadcasters.

​The "Uplive 3 Beauties" Event in Vietnam has proven a second time that Uplive's popular hosts are close to their dreams. It is already proved that if a host wants to be popular and wants to achieve their dreams Uplive platform is equally important in addition to their personal efforts.

In the future, we expect more out-standing hosts join us in Uplive to showcase their unique talents to the wider audience along with their charm; Making more people aware of the social and commercial value of live streaming. So, if you want to know more about our platform and want to see what these hosts have in their basket besides their beautiful faces, don't hesitate to enter their Uplive Studio. We believe that they will bring more fun and surprises to you.