Asia Innovations Group offers a rich product portfolio that spans video and audio social, social dating, E-commerce, games, and payment platform. Our user group consisted of more than 700 million registered users located in over 150 regions worldwide.

Video & Voice Social

A comprehensive portfolio that includes the leading independent social video entertainment platform outside of China, as well as products geared towards customers in the emerging markets who prefer to socialize through voice rather than video.

Social Dating

Asia Innovations Group’s dating products serve the rapidly growing online dating market in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other emerging markets. Asia Innovations Group's products feature highly precise matching algorithms, and an in-depth user review system that helps users find quality matches worldwide, leading to our products having some of the highest user matching rates in the industry.


Lamour, the flagship product in ASIG's online dating product matrix, is a next-generation voice/video-based mobile dating app. It is leading in global emerging markets across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and South America due to its highly interactive live social online dating experience. Based on interactive features such as real-time video, voice and text messages, and mini-games, Lamour allows users in emerging markets to engage with other people with similar interests and backgrounds.



With CuteU, users get to video or voice chat with each other before meeting in real life in order to make more informed choices about pursuing a relationship further. In addition to fostering authentic connections, CuteU's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics-based recommendation algorithms help increase the app’s matching rate. CuteU ranked 3rd in 2021 worldwide dating app downloads. With particularly strong numbers in emerging markets, CuteU remain the preferred dating apps for users around the globe.



A varied, cutting-edge roster of cross-border and direct-to-customer online retail platform to serve international users.

Originally founded in Singapore, Hekka is an international online marketplace that features a broad range of products and is emerging as a lifestyle shopping platform that brings products at a fair price. Together with its large audience, Hekka cherishes and celebrates everyday moments through its capability to create an inclusive, cross-border and seamless shopping experience for all. Counting on high-end technology and following emerging trends, Hekka stands as a reminder that living life while celebrating simple everyday pleasures is a great way to achieve life’s fulfillment.
Payment Solutions

ASIG’s online payment services take advantage of ASIG's premiere technical and marketing talent to give users some of the most advanced integrated payment services on the market anywhere in the world.


Uppay is a payment aggregation platform that integrates 60+ payment channels across international markets and serves as a key enabler of direct-from-consumer revenue collection.



China International Communications Network CO., Ltd. (CCNet) is one of Taiwan's most prominent online payment services. CCNet’s experienced technical and marketing teams provide businesses across Asian markets with integrated payment service solutions via its Prepay platform.



ASIG’s games division leverages ASIG’s global users and operations capabilities to publish leading mobile games to international markets.